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Today’s concrete can be made more durable and stylish in a variety of finishes and colors offering the homeowner never ending design possibilities.

The standards for our projects are very high and we adapt our services to meet the needs of our customers by continually enhancing, upgrading and providing good product diversity.

Concrete Patterns

Pattern concrete is a highly innovative procedure of stamping freshly poured concrete, in a method to simulate the look of brick, cobble stone, slate and many other designs. It is a great way to add style and decor to your home with the many choices of pattern options to choose from and the multitude of colour variations which can achieve almost any look imaginable.

Pattern concrete is a durable, and decorative way to customize any patio, sidewalk or driveway. Pattern concrete is created when a specially formulated release agent is floated onto the surface of the freshly poured concrete, which is then stamped with the use of a textured mat to give a variety of textures and designs to the concrete. In the end you are left with a beautiful and individual pattern concrete that adds beauty and value to any residence and commercial property

Exposed Concrete

Exposed aggregate concrete is a decorative style of concrete suitable for a driveway, sidewalk, patio or even steps. Exposed Aggregate provides a visual interest for your home with many colours to choose from, giving your project a unique sense of style. Exposed aggregate is highly versatile and contrasts beautifully with broom finish concrete or other decorative treatments such as Pattern Concrete.

An exposed aggregate finish gives you a spectacular look and the surface is considered the most durable concrete available. Due to the exposed aggregate’s durability and resistance to weather and heavy traffic, there is little maintenance required such as an occasional washing of the concrete and the application of a transparent concrete sealer can greatly extend its life and help protect it from the harshest of conditions such as dusting, stains and abrasion.

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